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My name is Molnár László, a guitar manufacturer, I am the designer and producer of  MLP guitars.
After I had a history of more decades in bass guitar, I started to deal with manufacturing guitars, because I have experienced  that the manufacturing of guitars is becoming more miserable, and it has moved towards cost optimization. On the other hand, I am convinced that there is a need in the future as well for musical instruments which are affordable, and which can satisfy individual  demands. My aim is to manufacture by hand such bass and solo guitars of high standard which can help the artistic  achievement  and can give inspiration for those who turn to me with confidence.

That is the reason why I use only selected timber. I obtain all the components used during manufacturing from the world’s leading guitar component manufacturers. I consider my most important  duty to use continuous innovation in manufacturing guitars. It contains production technology  and the ongoing development of musical instruments as well. Of course, it cannot be autotelic, it should be done by considering the demands of my customers at a maximum level.

My residence is Hungary, but my customers and MLP guitars have certified all over the world : from Australia  to Japan and the USA. And of course,  I manufacture and send unique guitars for many countries in Europe. The models which can be seen on the webpage, among which there are the bass guitars, solo guitars, have been developed after many years of experimenting, development,  experience,  considering the opinions, advice of many national and international, acknowledged artists. The newest bass guitar, MLP V-bass was also developed with the collaboration of Lőrincz Viktor, who is an outstanding bass guitarist. I took into consideration his observations, advice, and his greatest demands. As nearly each guitar is manufactured on the basis of individual demands,  each one is a little bit of innovation as well.

If this short introduction aroused  your interest, please browse bravely in the gallery and among the guitars in the warehouse, where you will find a complete and detailed description of each model in connection with the used components and about the unique specification. In case you cannot find all the information you need, you can turn to me with confidence     at the given and here displayed contact numbers in order to be able to create together that unique musical instrument about which you have only been dreaming about so far.

László Molnár


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