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King DC

The bass guitar is the revised version of a previous model called Barabás Tamás Signature bass. It found a more modern shape and its wood compound has changed as well. The speciality of this bass is that in one bass guitar you can actually find two ones built together: one jazzbass and an MM. So, in this way, without changing the guitar, you can go to the stage with 2 guitars. Moreover, you can vary these two ones according to your taste. You can do this nearly for the price of one bass guitar. As in the case of all models, here you also have the opportunity to have unique options, such as string space, pickup, electronics, wood combination etc., according to your individual demand. The price refers to the custom bass, which can be seen in the picture.

Technical specifications

Body:Black Walnut
Neck:Maple Mahogany 5 pieces through neck
Top:Tiger wood
Pickup:Aguilar J-60 Haeussel MM
Electronics:Aguilar OBP 3 + passzĂ­v tone
Tuners:Hipshot UL
Price:2 800 Euro

The illustrated model consists of the mentioned materials,but can be modified if needed.

Sound samples

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