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Prince SC

This single cut guitar is prominent among single cut guitars with its unique, fresh, youthful design and shape. This formal shaping, despite its appearance, provides such a play comfort for the player, which is nearly unique. You can order several options and besides the shape, you have the possibility to develop such a unique bass which is unique in its kind. I myself have been using the first piece of this model for about 7 years now. I can safely recommend it to anybody who undertakes some forms which are different from the ordinary ones.

Technical specifications

Body:European Walnut
Neck:Maple Mahogany 7 pieces through neck
Fingerboard:Flame maple
Pickup:Haeussel MLp custom DC
Electronics:Noll MLp custom + Passiv tone
Bridge:MLp 3D Brass
Price:2 900 Euro

The illustrated model consists of the mentioned materials,but can be modified if needed.

Sound samples

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